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Message from the top management

Totsu Sangyo aims to be unique!

Welcome to our website.

Totsu Sangyo entered the electronic equipment market in 1958 under the leadership of founder Shosaku Tosu.
Since then, we have delivered many different consumer products and professional-use products to our customers, with particular focus on information systems and broadcasting equipment, as well as ICT systems that combine AV and IT technology.
Today, electronic devices are undergoing incessant technological innovations at an unprecedented pace.

With its grasp of advanced technology, Totsu Sangyo is working as one to create new solutions for achieving success of the strategies envisioned by our customers in education and research or business.

We sincerely hope that this website would prove to be helpful for our customers and hope to deliver new value for the next generation by integrating the information owned by the customers and our information based on AV & ICT systems.

I would like to conclude this message by introducing Totsu Sangyo’s Grand Design.

Our Grand Design
Totsu Sangyo aims to be unique!
Totsu Sangyo is a company that does special things!
  1. We offer
  2. 1. something special
  3. 2. with special technology
  4. 3. in a special way
  5. 4. to special customers
President & Chief Executive Officer
Akio Ohga